October 31, 1945 - May 1, 1975

By his wife, Barbara Ameen

Timothy Paul Ameen was born October 31, 1945, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I met him in 1970 when he was stationed as a CT in Winter Harbor, Maine. He bought a lobster boat there and we had many great times boating off the coast of Maine and beachcombing the area. He loved the sea and was an accomplished suba diver. We were married on May 5, 1973 in Ellsworth and then he was transferred to San Miguel, Phillipines in October of that year. I accompanied him there for the year until his stint was up.

He mustered out of the Navy in late 1974 and we returned to Ellsworth, Maine where I was born and grew up. He went to work on a fishing boat out of Northeast Harbor, Maine--a job which he loved. On May 1, 1975, 4 days before our second Wedding Anniversary, the boat capsized about 30 miles out to sea near Monhegan Island. He was apparantly standing by the fishing net when the fish sounded and flipped the boat. He was caught in the net which was torn free from the boat. A search team was called in but the net was never found and his body has also never been found.

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